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Welcome to our World of Lagotto Romagnolo!

Hello! We live in central Arizona a mile high in the mountains.  We love our beautiful Lagotti.  You are welcome to contact us if you would like to know more about the breed.


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We are currently showing our girl Pesca and will conduct all her tests for hips, eyes, etc.  If all goes well, we shall look forward to breeding at the end of this year.  Both Pesca’s parents have excellent hips so we are hoping for a similar result for her.

Ginna will be retired from showing and breeding.  

She has some lovely puppies out there, some of which are used for hunting truffles.

Angelus Mei Barbelo

(Above) Here is a photo of the very handsome sire, Angelus Mei Barbelo, an import from Slovakia. Watch this space and our blog and Facebook page for more news. Barbelo was sire to two of Adrina’s litters and the results were great!



Click picture below to watch a brief neural stimulation video starring one of our beautiful puppies!





We have a Lagotto Boutique.  We have designed a custom cooky cutter to make Lagotto shaped cookies and they will be available for sale.  We are taking orders and you can contact us for pricing, shipping and other information.  Below are samples of the cookie cutter, hand made soaps, ornaments and magnets.

lagotto cookie cutter

lagotto soap

lagotto ornament and magnet

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We love to hear your comments and stories, so please contact us! Thank you so much for sharing; it's great to connect with other who share a passion for Lagotto Romagnolo.

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