Flash back: This photo is from 2010 when my last Wheaten Lissi was still with us and before we had our puppy Pesca.

July 2012: In our current heat wave, we look at where we were just a short while ago.  Here are Adrina and Vando after a romp in our snow in mid-March (click on picture to see large photo):

lagotto snow

Below: Hiking with our backpacks.  Adrina and Vando carried our lunch and our water.  We inserted ice packs to keep them cool.


Who is below? Apollon getting ready for his first date with Adrina!





What's so special about the picture below?

It's a bikini made of lagotto hair! That's right... this garment was crafted by Judith from the lovingly-culled hair of her lagotto. Click on the image to see a larger picture.




Fun Match/Raduno 2009 in Prescott

Here are some new photos photos from a fun match in Prescott, Arizona in 2009:

lagotto vando
Vando won Best In Match under AKC judge Doreen Gordin.  
What fun!

lagotto judging pups
The fun of judging baby puppies!

Fun Match in Santa Fe

Here are some photos from a fun match in Santa Fe on July 13, 2008 and some photos of our dogs (scroll down)!

2nd Annual Southwest Fun Match was held in Santa Fe on July 13, 2008. (To see the full version of the above photo, click on it.)

Games and Playtime for the Dogs

Vando declares, “No room for me in there!”

Adrina takes her turn cooling off.

These dogs have such wonderful temperaments and get along in a group very well. They need lots of exercise but they are very pleasant in a pack.


Other Shots

Adrina loves to chase sticks so much that we have to tell her to go take a rest.

Cooling off from the Arizona sun in the shade of the house.

I have spent a little time teaching Adrina to hunt for truffles in the Arizona dessert. We made a truffle by putting some dry rice in the toe of a sock wrapped in a little mesh bag.

I put truffle infused oil on the sock. Adrina is able to find it buried in the soil. She has a great nose and loves this “game”.

Other Lagotti

Featured below are some images of more Lagotti working, playing and having some general fun:

Littermate of our own dog Adrina, sister Augi (03/2008)

Do they dig? (12/2011)

Winning World Championship in BA (He is sire to Ava which shows the different colors of coat you can get in a litter. 03/2008)

Waldo is friend in Ohio (Scheffelfaltets Waldo Veloce) imported from Scandinavia.

Example of what a Lagotto looks like with hair cut off. This is
Waldo too (the same dog in previous photo).

Waldo again. This time with hair!

Photo courtesy This cute portrait also shows the diversity of coloration.