Our Puppies

NEWS (updated May 14, 2014)

We are currently showing our girl Pesca and will conduct all her tests for hips, eyes, etc.  If all goes well, we shall look forward to breeding at the end of this year.  Both Pesca’s parents have excellent hips so we are hoping for a similar result for her.

Ginna will be retired from showing and breeding.  



Below is an example of an ultrasound which is how we confirm a pregnancy, and this is what we see. The head is on the right (the roundish shape); the "L" shape is the shoulders and arms.

lagotto ultrasound



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(Dec 2012) And now, the pups are two weeks old!

lagotto pups

So adorable: Our boy and the 3rd girl using mom as a chaise lounge.  Pink tummies! (below)

lagotto pups

The two girl puppies before their eyes have opened:

lagotto pups

Our beloved Genevra has her beautiful puppies! Below, puppies at one day old (November 22, 2012):

lagotto pups

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Sire of this litter is our boy, Cry Out Orvando VID at Shivaree and the mother is our IGDM Ginevra.  Check out their pages with links on the right.

Past Litters

Adrina whelped a lovely healthy litter on April 4, 2011.  The puppies are very similar in looks to her last litter: 

Lagotto AZ: Adrina with new puppies
(Above) Happy mom with her new babies right after they were born.

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Lagotto AZ: Adrina's puppy getting first bath at 5.5 weeks
From the previous litter: First bath at 5.5 weeks for Adrina's boy.

Lagotto puppies outdoors
(Above) First trip outdoors with Adrina and Auntie Ginevra.  Ginevra is very gentle with the babies and seems to enjoy being with them.

Lagotto puppies having fun
(Above) Adrina's babies having fun outdoors on a sunny warm day.

Lagotto, Adrina's pup, first food, 3wks

(Above) Adrina's puppy's first food at 3 weeks.

Lagotto, Adrina's pups, 4 wks
(Above) At 4 weeks, they are much better at eating.  Still pretty messy but they get more into their tummies now.

Lagotto, Adrina's pup, messy face!
(Above) Messy little face.  Cute!

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Lagotto September puppies

(Above) Here is proud mama Adrina (just after whelping) with her newborn pups. She surprised us with another puppy after this photo was taken.

Lagotto september puppies

(Above) Here are the babies, when they were just hours old. Not easy to see in this photo, but all puppies have white markings on feet, chest and tip of tail.

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(Below) 3 boys, 2 boys and 3 girls. You can see some of the markings of the puppies. White on the feet, chest, tummy, lips and tip of tails.

Lagotto puppies 3 boys

Lagotto puppies 2 boys

Lagotto puppies 3 girls

(Below) the whole litter! Click on this small image to see a larger image open in a new window:

Lagotto puppies, litter of 8

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Scroll down to see photos of Adrina's 2009 litter (below).

(Below) Adrina resting with her contented pups at 3 days of age:


(Below) The puppies at one week of age.  Orange girl in center.  Maybe they are discussing what they will have for lunch!

We welcomed our new babies on June 25, 2009. Adrina is a good mama and here is a photo of the 3 babies after their birth.  The girl is on the left and the two boys are to the right.

This photo is from the same day they were born:

Adrina's litter on the day they were born

Contact us if you would like to fill out a questionnaire or know more about this breeding.

A little about me?
I have owned, shown and bred Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers since 1993. I got interested in Lagotti in 2004. I got my first Lagotto in 2005.

I am committed to the betterment of this breed and helping them become available to persons in the US who share my love for them. I expect the people who get one of my puppies to share the same love and dedication to the breed. There are many people who want this breed but only a few puppies are available. I whelp and raise my puppies in my house. They are exposed to many sounds, persons and experiences to assure a dog with confidence and solid temperament.

I devote a lot of time and attention to the litters I breed. I will gladly give you references.


I must say that I will be selecting puppy owners based on their interest to work with me in an ongoing breeding program and secondly by those who are nearer to me geographically. I do not ship puppies, but require the owners to come to our home so that I may meet them.

I do consider all requests! I also take into consideration the family makeup. I temperament test all my puppies but do not select for future breeding/show potential until puppies are 7.5 weeks of age. My puppy price includes litter registration with the American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service (AKC FSS). We register our puppy names under the prefix Shivaree, meaning noisy celebration or serenade.

I require puppies to be spayed or neutered if not for show/breeding purposes. I will work out those details with the prospective owner. I require certain things of my puppy owners:
-- I expect the dog to be an important lifetime part of the family. -- I expect the dog to be given basic household obedience training with a professional trainer, group or private.
-- I expect the dog to have a quiet place to rest in their own bed/crate.
-- I expect the dog to be given good health care to the best ability of the family.
-- I expect the dog to be kept clean and tidy and groomed in the manner that represents the breed.

(Below) Lagotto puppies from Adrina's sister Augi in PineTop, AZ